Q: What areas do you cover?

We cover whole Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and can take you anywhere in the UK. With advance booking, we can pick you up from anywhere in the UK and bring back to Birmingham.

Q: Are your prices per car or per person?

Our prices are per vehicle you select. prices vary from car to MPV and Executive.

Q: How much luggage can I take?

The number of luggage depends on size of the vehicle you choose. Basic information is available on our fleet section. if the number of passengers is less in-vehicle then more luggage can be taken. 

Q: How do I know my booking has been accepted?

You will receive a booking confirmation via email or SMS including booking ref. starting with BT. If you don’t receive a confirmation on any one of them please email us on info@birminghamtaxis.co.uk or contact us on 0121702000.

Q: What if I cannot locate my driver?

After your flight land you will get your driver and taxi info via SMS OR Whatsapp. In case if you don’t receive any message then please call us on +441217022000 immediately.

Q: What if I wish to cancel and want a refund?

Cancellation charges depend on type of booking and how advance you have made. Please read our terms and conditions.

Q: Will I be charged extra if my flight is delayed?

We don’t charge you extra if your flight is delayed as we monitor flights.

Q: What if I miss my flight?

If your flight is canceled or you miss your flight then please contact us immediately to avoid further charges.

Q: Is there any discount for return Journey?

If you looking to make a return trip on the same day with short waiting time then do speak to us as we may be able to apply some discount.

Q: How is waiting time charge calculated?

If you have made an advance booking the first 5 min are free after the agreed time. Waiting charge varies from 0.30p per minute depending on the day, time and service you have chosen.

Q: Can we pay by credit card?

Yes you can, on board some of our taxis (on request), or securely online, this is subject to our terms and conditions.

Q: Do you take wheelchairs?

Some of our taxis are fully wheelchair accessible for standard size manual wheelchair with helpful experienced drivers. Please make sure you mention your requirement when you book.

Q: We are a group of 8 people can you supply us with one taxi for our trip?

Yes. We have 8 seater minibus’ we can send to your preferred pickup location.

Q: How old are your taxis?

All our taxis are very modern and most of them are only a few years old.

Q: What if we have a problem while we are away?

Contact us and we will make any adjustments necessary to your booking and offer as much support as we can.

Q: How can we contact you?

Our contact information is available on our website here. You may use the contact form or email us directly and on our business cards.